How to check Qatar airways PNR status?

When you have booked your booked your flight ticket with Qatar airways then before boarding your plane you should check the Qatar airways PNR status. You can fly to more than 150 destinations worldwide with Qatar Airways. This is a world class airline and you can get exclusive offers with Qatar Airways. The airline today extends its services to America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, North America and more. Qatar airways added about 22 new destinations in its network from the year 2010. So, do book your flight ticket with Qatar airways. And to check your Qatar airways PNR status you have the option of checking it online or you can also dial customer care numbers of Qatar airways.

Steps to check your flight PNR status

When you want to check your flight PNR status then you can simply follow below steps:

1.       In the Manage booking section or page you have 3 options.

2.       You can retrieve your booking with Booking reference. For this you need to enter your Booking reference or PNR and last name. After that click ‘Find booking’.

3.       You can retrieve booking with privilege club for which you need to enter your privilege club number and last name. Then click ‘Find booking’.

4.       You can also retrieve your booking with E ticket number for which you need to enter your E-ticket number and last name. Then click on ‘Find booking’.

This is how you can check your flight PNR status.

You also have the option to inquire about your flight status by calling at the customer care numbers of Qatar airways. The representative on the other side will help you get the current status of your booking.

Get flight PNR status online

You oftern fly by airlines and then you always find a PNR number. So, have you ever noticed the pnr number or booking reference number which you can see printed on the ticket? What it is for? Why it is generated and why it is required? So, PNR is basically Passenger Name Record. It stores the information of a passenger or group of passengers traveling through the airline on particular ticket. You can check your current booking status with the use of this PNR number.

Checking the booking status of the flight online is easy. You simply need to enter the booking reference number (PNR) in the asking field and within few minute you can see the current PNR status or booking status of your flight. You can see if your ticket gets confirmed or not represented by a symbol. Apart from entering the PNR number, you may need to provide some additional information when you check your flight booking status like, Passenger’s name (first name or last name), journey date, and destination and so on.

Qatar airways reservation number

To make your flight reservation with Qatar airways you can choose to do so online or on the ticket counter at the airport. But you also have the option of dialing Qatar airways reservation number and ass the representative to make your flight reservation.

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